Young lettuce, beets, cherries, pomegranate, crème fraiche-lime dressing, seeds 14

Duck confit, beluga lentils, tomcat grapes, mushrooms, verjus 12 (Limited)

Arugula & WHITE ANCHOVIES, meyer lemon, soft cooked egg, fried capers, parmesan dressing 15

Beef Crudo, pickled & fried onions, ransom blue cheese, aged balsamic 14

Roasted carrot & avocado salad, bitter greens, pumpkin seeds, woodcock blue dressing 15

* L.I. fluke Crudo, blood orange, yogurt, fried garlic, great olive oil 14

Pan roasted foie gras, huckleberry jam, john’s granola 22

Griddled chorizo, cheddar grit cake, onion dressing 15

Smoked Foie gras terrine, cherry marmalade, 9 grain, maple-bacon walnuts 20

Local Beets & radicchio, jasper hill blue, pecans, lentils, italian dressing 14

Potted Whipped chicken livers, bacon jam, golden raisins 12

Stuffed Quail, black sausage & cornbread stuffing, fennel seed-raisin marmalade 17

Roasted veal sweetbreads, roasted carrots, sunchokes, oak wood shitakes bacon jus 16

Artisan Burrata, blood orange, green onions, olives, great olive oil, toast 19

PEI mussels, fine herb butter, fennel, olive mayo 15

Fried risotto balls, fried garlic, bacon & clam butter 12


Cavatelli, savoy cabbage, mushrooms, pork broth, poached egg 14/22

Tagliatelle, braised lamb-tomato ragu, green olives 14/22


Grass fed beef chili, sharp cheddar, sour cream, buttered onion bread 20

Roasted lamb saddle, winter chanterelles, fried cauliflower, preserved tomato 36

Roasted pork belly, coffee baked beans, poached egg, carrots, fried shallots 24

Wild black sea bass, fennel jam, celeriac, black olive brown butter, grapefruit 36

Lepoutine, beef short ribs, duck fat potatoes, foie gravy, roast foie gras 37

* magret Duck cooked in red bee honey, radicchio, beets, red cherries, faro piccolo 32

Chicken,  brussels sprouts, amish country potato puree, parmesan, vinegar jus 26

* Beef Burger, b&b pickles, mayonnaise, cheddar, bacon, brioche   20

* We must warn you that consuming undercooked shellfish, meats and or Dairy may make you sick

3 Responses to Food

  1. Jonathan says:

    In checking out your website, I am left with the question about the only menu that is posted. It says “Dinner” at the top. What is your lunch menu? Is it simply the same?

    If it is, perhaps it might be a good idea to say somewhere that this is the lunch menu as well. If it isn’t, I think it would be helpful to post your lunch menu.

    Looking forward to coming,

    Jonathan : )

  2. Jil says:

    Yes, similar question. I had a wonderful lunch there last week and one of the dishes was a beet salad with — I forget. Wanted to tell people. Also, congrats on the James Beard nomination. You certainly deserve it.

  3. melissa lee says:

    I had dinner the week of April 16th…and it was really wonderful…
    I order a burger w/o bun and a panna cotta for dessert…
    I have only ever had a great meal like this in Boulder at Frasca….
    It is hard to say why meals like this are so hard to experience???
    I just know that it was amazing…. Thank you for all the hard work it takes to make meals that are this wonderful…. I know at times you must want to run, run, away, but keep on keepin on!!!
    I lived for 17 years in the East, first in Easton then Westport then onto a 30 acre farm in Newtown, before I moved to Lamy, NM 7 years ago….

    Heres and idea: A cocktail with Persimmon juice, St. Germain elderflower, and Persecco!!!! I would order it in a minute… It goes over well with us ladies????!!!!

    Melissa Lee

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